GSH-Smart Door

Product Description

Get Smart Homeʼs Smart Door/Window Sensor is tailored made to be battery operated to allow for installation flexibility. Used in conjunction with Get Smart Homeʼs proprietary iOS/ Android APP, this motion sensor enhances security system offering, by allowing motion detection to trigger execution actions.


Adjust Sensitivity

Scene Control

Battery Level

Australian Standards Certified

Remote App Control


  • Easy QR Code Installation.
  • Adjustable Sensitivity Scaling for user specific preferences.
  • Smart functionality ranging from time-triggered actions to complex user specific motion detected automations (with compatible
    Get Smart Home Devices Range).
  • Motion Detection and Low Battery APP Notifications on Get Smart Homeʼs proprietary iOS/Android APP.
  • Battery Status indicator on Get Smart Homeʼs proprietary iOS/Android APP.


  • RCM Approved for Australian Use
  • Transmission frequency: 2.4G Zigbee
  • Alarm distance: 1.5cm (door sensor is opened)
  • Working voltage: 12V (built-in battery)