Finding a Home Automation Specialist in Melbourne

So, you’ve heard about the amazing features offered through smart home automation and now you’re wondering where you can find a home automation specialist in Melbourne to retrofit your existing home or create a smart home from your new home build.

Get Smart Home are the home automation specialists in Melbourne and we have a home automation showroom in Hallam for you to come visit and try out all our incredible smart home solutions for yourself.

You can also find out more about our products on our website, like smart security solutions, smart power sockets, and automated curtains and blinds. Get Smart Home truly are the home automation specialists in Melbourne!

Home Automation Showroom Melbourne

Finding information out about smart homes is exciting and learning about how they can enhance your lifestyle and make your home ultra-safe and secure can be thrilling. But you may be wondering how it all works in real life and what it looks and feels like in actuality.

Well, you can see it all in action at our home automation showroom in Melbourne! If you call Get Smart Home on 1300 00 21 22 you can organise to come visit our home automation showroom at Factory 8/53-57 Rimfire Drive, Hallam, in Victoria.

Our home automation showroom will show you all of our smart home gadgets set up for you to test out and see how easy it is to use and how it could truly enhance your life and your home.

You’ll see how the smart door lock functions like thumb print entry work, how seamlessly we can integrate features like smart curtains and blinds into your home and how simple they are to operate. You’ll see how high quality the vision on our smart cameras is and just how incredible and clear the optical zoom feature and night vision is.

Don’t delay, contact us today to try out our incredible smart devices at the Get Smart Home’s home automation showroom in Hallam, Melbourne.

Home Automation Installers Melbourne

If you’ve browsed through the many home automation solutions available from Get Smart Home you’re probably pretty impressed and now dreaming of the luxury and safety of living smart! But you might be wondering how all this incredible smart technology is integrated into your home.

Well, not only do Get Smart Home create fantastic and innovative home automation products, we are also home automation installers in Melbourne.

Whether you’re looking for Security Cameras or you love the idea of having your lighting system fully automated with safety features like sensors, Get Smart Home in Melbourne, Australia, have you covered for all your home automation installation needs!

Retrofit Home Automation

You may think to create a smart home or retrofit home automation into an existing home is going to require plaster removal and lengthy and invasive renovations, but this couldn’t be further from the truth!

With Get Smart Home, if we perform retrofit home automation we can do it by simply changing the switches in your home to our smart home light switches and smart power sockets and then you’re ready to go!

Smart Door locks and Smart security cameras are easily integrated into any home and with their sleek and modern designs they’ll become a beautiful feature in your home and not an eye-sore.

The ease of installation for retrofit home automation means you avoid expensive costs of rewiring and renovations which ensures you get your home smart without the high associated costs and in the quickest possible time. It’s that easy!

Contact the Home Automation Specialists

So, if you’re looking for a team of skilled and experienced home automation installers, contact Get Smart Home today. We can help with integrating smart technology into a new home build or seamlessly undertake retrofit home automation. Call us on 1300 00 21 22.