Home Automation & Security Solutions For Your Business

Home automation systems are becoming increasingly popular for the convenience they offer for home owners across Melbourne and Australia. It’s the ultimate in luxury living and makes our homes more accessible and liveable than ever before.

With all this new luxury and convenience from smart home living, what can often be overlooked is the incredible value of the smart home security options available on the market for securing our homes and our property.

How Businesses can Benefit

So, with all these wonderful safety and security options available with smart home automation, then why would you reserve these features for just your home – it makes sense to incorporate these into keeping your business safe too!

Home automation security is perfect for keeping businesses secure and offers the ability to remotely monitor your premises from the palm of your hand through your Get Smart Home App on your mobile or tablet devices.

You can utilise home automation product offerings in Melbourne such as smart alarm systems (perfect for keeping your business safe!) smart sensor lighting, smart door locks and much more!

Here’s how the Get Smart Home in Melbourne’s smart home door locks and wireless smart security cameras can benefit your business right now!

Smart Home Door Locks

There’s nothing worse than driving home from work or your place of business and wondering to yourself “Did I lock the doors?”. Well, with smart door locks you’ll never have to worry and wonder about this again!

With multiple unlock Mechanisms Inbuilt of up to 500 Fingerprints and Passwords and also the ability to grant one off access with secure and encrypted OTP Access, Security has never been safer and more convenient.

Our smart door lock is built strong and heavy duty, so it’s safe and secure from tampering. It even gives you notifications straight to your Get Smart Home App on your mobile or tablet if the lock is interfered with, so you know straight away and can act to secure your business immediately.

It’s that easy to keep your business secure and safe with home automation security solutions in Melbourne at Get Smart Home.

Smart Security CCTV Solutions

The smart home Wi-Fi security cameras on offer at Get Smart Home come in 4K HD and you can live stream and play back recordings directly from the Get Smart Home App, so you always have eyes on your business!

Our smart security cameras can sense movement and will send you direct notifications through your Get Smart Home App to alert you to any motion detection while you’re away from your business.

This means you can act on any intrusions immediately to minimise theft of your stock and reduce potential damage to your assets and property.

A fantastic feature of our smart security cameras is that they offer a high quality optical zoom feature which provides you with clear zoomed in images. It also features night vision and we pride ourselves on delivering our customers high quality image transmission in the most seamless way possible.

Home Automation And Security

Get Smart Home is the safest and most comprehensive form of CCTV security camera systems and smart door locks that you can have to protect your business and, best of all, Get Smart Home’s system is one of the most secure home automation systems available on the market.

That’s because we use an encrypted Zigbee home automation solution designed to the highest of Australian standards. This keeps you safe from hackers by placing you on a secure network.

Get Smart Home

Get Smart Home are located in Hallam, Victoria, and we offer home automation and security solutions for businesses across Richmond, Toorak, Brighton and all suburbs across Melbourne.

Contact us today to discuss how home automation can benefit the security and safety of your business! We supply and arrange installation of a wide range of smart home automation systems and products. Contact us on 1300 00 21 22.