Security Systems Available With Get Smart Home

There is nothing more important than providing a safe and secure environment to your loved ones. Providing security to your family or staff members restores your peace of mind. Modern home and commercial security systems are fully automated and operated remotely. At Get Smart Home, you have a wide range of security products that can meet all your requirements.

Alarm Systems

A home security system with security alarms can immediately drive away intruders from attacking or damaging your valuables. Security alarm systems prevent a crime scene from happening by scaring thieves or intruders. It not only provides security to you but also, to some extent, provides safety to your neighbours.

Get Smart Home’s alarm systems also provide an attractive feature called zoning. Zoning allows you to disarm or arm your alarm systems according to your preference. You can control and assess everything from your smartphone or tablet, even when you are away from your home.

CCTV Cameras

Did you know that the very presence of CCTV cameras inside your residential or commercial property is a deterrent to intruders? CCTV cameras systems are one of the most reliable and beneficial security components. Installation of CCTV cameras in and around your property can prevent crime from happening. You can also add multiple CCTV cameras at different locations for extra safety and security. By doing so, you get the opportunity to prevent and assess a threat or malicious activity.

Get Smart Home’s CCTV cameras offer high-definition/coloured night vision and recording with network and mobile viewing. You can also check on your kids and pets from your mobile or tablet, from anywhere you are.

Video Intercoms

Get Smart Home’s video Intercoms are a powerful security tool to help you qualify your visitors. Unlike traditional intercom systems, video intercoms give you a clear vision. Installing video intercoms at all primary doorways, gateways, and entrances gives you full access and control over the people entering your premises. You can communicate and record images of intruders standing at your door. Video intercoms are extremely useful for commercial set ups, as they provide easy and safe communication and also provide for Access Control Mechanisms.

One of the most vital applications of having video intercoms is that you have the luxury of inter-room communication. You can check on your kids, elderly people, and other activities with the help of CCTV integration. Most Get Smart Home’s video intercom system comes with inbuilt CCTV and remote monitoring technology. You will also have recorded visuals, which you can use later if you suspect any malicious activity around your home or commercial property.

Fog Machines

Fog machines are an ingenious security solution that you can use for instantly scaring away your intruders. When a burglar breaks into your office, factory or commercial building, these fog machines activate and release thick fog immediately. The dense fog not only hinders the burglar’s vision but also makes them flee. It remains for sufficient time, making it impossible for the burglar to get further access to your office or commercial property. The fog is totally safe, and it does not spoil or rest on your furnishing, equipment or flooring.

Get Smart Home facilitates easy integration of fog machines to an alarm system or home automation system for added security. By doing so, you’ll know if there’s been a breach instantly, and you can also alert authorities or security teams.

Smart Door Locks

Digital locks are a wise choice when you decide to replace your traditional lock system. Now you don’t have to worry about losing or locking yourself outside by mistake. Smart locks provide high security and safety to you and your family. By integrating these door locks into your home automation system, you can control your doors remotely. It makes your life easier when you can open and lock doors for your kids, a delivery, or a service while you are away. Additionally, smart locks can lock themselves if left open without notice.

Get Smart Home’s smart door locks come with elegant and sturdy designs with a triple barrel locking system for added security. You will also get instant notifications of any break-in activity happening at your door.

Our expert Get Smart Home team can provide a safe and secure solution to all your security concerns. All our security systems are customisable and affordable. Contact us or visit our showroom today for more information on home automation and security systems.