A Smart Home Equals A Safe Home

There are endless possibilities with a smart home. You can control anything from door locks, cameras, speakers to coffee makers, garage doors and switches. But if there is one thing that a smart home excels beyond anything else it is safety. When it comes to safety and security, no other technology can beat smart home automation. It gives you better control by offering a stable and reliable security solution.

Reliable Security Devices for Smart Home

With smart home devices, you can keep a good watch over your home. The security devices communicate, share information, and follow your command through the smart hub. Whether you are inside your home or away for a holiday, you can have peace of mind with smart home automation.

Home Security Camera

A home CCTV security camera is a crucial aspect of home security automation. Security cameras play a massive role in deterring criminals from breaking inside your home. And the best thing is you can watch what is happening in your household from anywhere you are. CCTV security cameras tighten and maximise your home security. You can track, record or have live footages. So, it provides all the information on who has visited you and when. You can even check in on your family or pets when you are at work or away from home.

Alarm Security Systems

The home alarm system is another vital security device in deterring criminals from harming you or your home. Modern home alarm systems offer you the convenience of controlling them from anywhere you are. You can arm or disarm them depending upon the situation. You can control your home alarm system right from your smart device.

Video Intercom Systems

Through video intercom systems, you can see and talk to your visitors before they even step inside your house or property. You can also record and store images of all your visitors. Most modern video intercom systems come with high-definition cameras offering superior night vision, making them a reliable security solution. You can install them at all entryways for added security and convenience.

Smart Door Locks

Smart door locks eliminate the need for keys and also the fear of losing one. It is among the most powerful security solutions that restrain a burglar from breaking in. So, you can be assured that without your authentication, nobody can enter your home, and you also get instant alerts for every hack. Smart door locks with home automation enable you to open or close your door for your family or friends even when you are away. Smart door locks are elegant and convenient to use.

Fog Security System

Security smoke machines can secure and prevent burglars from harming or damaging your valuables by acting immediately. Fog machines are highly reliable as they release instant smoke within a few fractions of seconds, forcing intruders to leave the scene.  You can also integrate fog machines with alarm systems through home automation for added security.


With smart home automation, you’ll know what is happening in and around your home. Hence your home is safe. If you are interested, contact Get Smart Home to make your home a smart home in Melbourne.