Are you looking for a commercial or residential security alarm system provider who will listen to your needs? Get Smart Home take a tailored approach to finding a solution to meet your individual requirements.

We pay attention to our clients to truly understand their personal security concerns. It is only then that we make informed recommendations as to the best home security alarm system for you.

Get Smart Home’s alarm systems take advantage of all the latest technologies. We offer high-end solutions at an affordable price.

Each of our alarm systems is scalable to your needs. They’re also easy to update if your future requirements change. If you install a wireless system, you have the flexibility to transfer your home or commercial security system to your new property.


Get Smart Home’s expert home alarm team in Melbourne will not just go through the motions when advising you on your home or business’ alarm system. We provide tailored advice about the best type of alarm system for your home, factory or office. We’ll have in-depth conversations with you about your individual safety and security concerns.

We ensure your system is fully customised to the size of your interior and exterior of your home or commercial space. We will assess potential exposed access points and the best positioning of motion detectors and sensors.


Although the role of your home or commercial alarm system is to be the final frontier of your home security system, it also plays a crucial role in acting as a deterrent too. Your security alarm system is typically housed inside a white box with a blue dome. The presence of your Get Smart Home alarm system becomes a deterrent.

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All this from the palm of your hand through your mobile or tablet device. You can access the Get Smart Home App whether you are at home or when you are away from home. Wherever you are, you will have full control over your home automation.
As a builder, you appreciate the increased value you can provide for your customers by offering Smart Home Automation as part of the package for their new home build. It is a great selling point for new homes to include this but you may be wondering how you can offer this to customers when it is not your area of expertise?

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Get Smart Home’s alarm systems have sophisticated highly encrypted smart functionality. You can arm and disarm the system from wherever you are using your phone or computer.

This secure feature ensures you have full control over your security system. Whether you’re at home, at work, or away on holidays, you know you always have full access to your home’s security.

Remote Monitoring

GET SMART HOME can cater to remote monitoring needs especially for business who come to rely on time critical actioning of any security breach incident as keystone of minimizing loss of resources/ stock and downtime.


Another smart feature is called “zoning”. With this feature, you can have sensors set in one part of the house or business while they are disarmed in another.

With the smart zoning functionality, you can choose where and when you arm your home, office or factory. Right down to selecting the rooms in your building to arm. For example, you can arm the downstairs of your home at night, so you can move around freely upstairs.

For businesses, this means you can arm unoccupied areas of the business whilst continuing to work in other areas on the premises. You can tailor your experience to meet your immediate needs.


Keep your home safe and sound with Get Smart Home’s expertly installed home alarm systems. We service across Melbourne, including Brighton, Bayside, Caulfield, Bentleigh, Moorabbin and Springvale. Get Smart Home offers home alarm systems tailored to your needs.


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