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Encrypted Security With Zigbee


The reason we at Get Smart Home chose home automation using Zigbee instead of Wi-Fi is because Zigbee is one of the leading protocols that is connecting smart homes in today’s modern world. Protocols are how your smart home automation communicates between the home automation system and your connected devices. Zigbee offers higher levels of encryption than standard Wi-Fi or Bluetooth which makes it ideal for keeping your Get Smart Home App and devices safe from malware or cyber threats.

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You can’t do that with Wi-Fi operated home automation! It also allows for added features, like walking motion and door movement and can connect to more than 100 devices, whereas Wi-Fi can only connect to ten. So, it’s an essential component to a smart home hub and that’s why we’ve incorporated it into our exciting Get Smart Home App and Get Smart Home sockets, switches and accessories. Try our Zigbee home automation starter kit today!

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Everything You Need





No Restructuring or Rewiring Needed


Programmed to work on a Proprietary Wireless Zigbee Communication, GET SMART HOME’s Automation and Management Solutions promise Fast/Reliable Communication and Stable Connectivity for smoother system operations.

Unlike other smart home systems, with Get Smart Home there’s no cable installation and no plaster removal to insert wiring, it’s an easy and non-invasive solution to smart home automation. You’ll simply replace your current switch with the Get Smart Home touch panel, and it is this touch panel that houses the Get Smart Home technology, partnered and powered by Zigbee. That means no disruptions to you and your home and no demolition or renovations.

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It’s a simple yet sophisticated way to fully automate your entire home without having to perform any changes to your home’s existing infrastructure. Just a quick replacement of your current switch and your whole home is ready to be connected. Quick and easy with all the security and power you could ever want from a home automation system.

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Smart Installation

Step 1
Contact our Get Smart Home experts or visit our home automation showroom to find out more about our Get Smart Home products & we’ll guide you through the smart home App.
Step 2
Choose the features of your home you want to bring into the future. Whether it’s lighting, security, appliances and more. Customise and design your smart home.
Step 3
Your Get Smart Home Consultant will work with you to find a time that best suits you to finalise your Get Smart Home App and help you to arrange installation.

Hassle Free Installation


Get Smart Home have worked hard to make every aspect of your home automation installation easier. A Get Smart Home socket effortlessly replaces your current power sockets, and this is how we are able to power and control your devices. When it comes to control over your lighting, the ease of installation of your Get Smart Home light switch and light bulbs means you can transform your home’s lighting in a non-invasive and simple manner. No interfering with walls to get to wiring and no removal of plaster boards. Just a simple change, that will bring a whole lot of difference into your world!

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Even our Get Smart Home App is 100% user friendly! You don’t need to be an IT expert to work your home’s automation system. Everything is mapped out in logical steps to ensure your ease of use through every smart home feature you carry out. Smart home automation has never been so easy, from start to finish, as it is with the Get Smart Home sockets, switches, accessories and App.

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