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Get Smart Home helps create the futuristic lifestyle you’ve always imagined. You’ll control every aspect of your home’s lighting system at the simple touch of a button. Navigate through your walkways and entrances safely with automated lighting. Time your lights to wake up when you do. All this is now possible with the Get Smart Home automation system.

Adjust Climate

With Get Smart Home, you’ll never suffer through cold winter mornings again! Simply set your climate control to turn on before you wake up in the morning to rise to a beautifully warmed home. In those summer months, set your air conditioning to cool your home before you even set foot in the door. That’s the way of smart home living!

Use Eco Energy

You can connect your Get Smart Home App with all your Eco Energy sources to create an easier and hassle free way to utilise your greener and smarter energy usage. Save on your bills by automating your appliances and electrical outlets, reduce costs with automated lighting solutions and set timers to drastically reduce your energy omissions. Eco Energy made easy with Get Smart Home.

Home Security

We know you want your family to feel safe and secure in your home and that’s why our Get Smart Home App is bringing the future of safety to your home. Get real-time updates on your home’s safety devices and features like CCTV, as well as alerts on activation of smoke alarms or interference with door locks. All this with encrypted security protection to ensure your home is kept safe and sound.

Security Systems Melbourne

Security Section

Intercoms/Smart Video Doorbells

  • Safe and convenient security measures for residential and commercial
  • High quality video intercoms and smart video doorbells
  • CCTV cameras built in for added security and convenience
  • Supply and install video intercom systems across Melbourne
  • Durable and robust for added security

Alarm Systems Melbourne

  • Alarm systems for residential, industrial, and commercial properties
  • Fully installed with our expert team of technicians
  • Alarm systems deter intruders from entering your home or business
  • Increase security on your property
  • Automated alerts to your smart device
  • Intelligent home automation integration.

CCTV Cameras Systems Melbourne

  • CCTV camera systems with HD Vision and Ultra Crisp Night Vision (Colored)
  • Provide remote monitoring and playback through your smart device
  • Smart Motion Detection and Artificial Intelligence Support
  • Monitor and protect your residential & commercial
  • High-resolution imagery and night vision
  • 24/7 protection and keep an eye on your property

Smart Door Locks

  • An additional layer of security for your property
  • Pin code or Fingerprint access
  • Business or home’s access points are well protected
  • Smart door locks with intelligent home automation features
  • Utmost in convenience whilst being stylish and durable
  • Remotely lock and unlock your property
  • All with the touch of a button on your smart device


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Get Smart Home is a home automation provider based in Melbourne. Our smart home systems are engineered to provide you with the luxurious smart living you’ve always dreamed of.


With cost-effective installation and maintenance, our smart home system is user friendly yet efficient. Whether you’re building a new home or updating an existing home, we can bring home automation into your everyday life. We service all of Melbourne, including inner city suburbs of Richmond, to Bayside suburbs of Brighton, Chelsea and Aspendale. Modernise your home and start living a life of comfort and convenience. Contact us today to visit our futuristic demonstration centre.


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My country house in regional Victoria needed some security as we only use it for holidays and these guys were recommended by a friend and they made my home smart and secure and the ability to monitor on my phone was amazing !

Daniel Thompson

These guys service is second to none! Fast delivery, great service and excellent support. Would definitely recommend to anyone considering automating your home

Joseph Larson

Smart home has def made my life way way easy. Now I can turn off my lights from anywhere , most imp I can turn on and off my aircon anytime and hav a place ready before I get to my
House :). Thanks for your service:). Very friendly guy. He explained everything very clearly .


Excellent Product , the door lock is perhaps the finest of any product available in the Australian market , very happy with the money spent

Akshay Ahuja

A couple of weeks ago, the team from Get Smart Home installed an automation system throughout our office/warehouse. The system was quick and easy to retrofit into our environment, and included lighting control, video doorbell, Security/CCTV, blinds and some power points. The installers were knowledgeable and respectful, and keen to tailor the system to our specific needs. After a couple of weeks using the various features, we are extremely pleased with the subtle, but at the same time significant benefits that automation and App based control provides. I wholeheartedly recommend Get Smart Home to anyone considering a control system for their existing house or a new build.

Allan Neuendorf


Zero Interest Payment Plan Available


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