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Keeping you and your family safe is paramount and you’ll do anything you can to protect your home or business from intruders. Intercoms are an efficient way to tighten and strengthen the security of the entrances to your home or commercial property.

Intercoms at doorways and entrances are great for you to know exactly who is at your door before you even have to open it. This makes it safer for you and your family by ensuring visitors are verified before entering.

Placing intercoms at security gates means you can qualify visitors through the intercom before they’ve even stepped foot onto your property. Intercoms at gates and doorways also create a deterrent for intruders and a safer space for you and your family.


There is a host of options available from Get Smart Home’s range of security solutions that can be integrated with your intercom system in your home. Most of our intercom systems come with built in CCTV technology.

Having a visual of who is at your door or gate means you only let people into your property once you have verified them, adding an additional layer of security.

You will also have a recorded image of anyone who has entered your property. CCTV security is highly effective at warding off intruders to your home as the visible presence of the security cameras and an intercom with a built in camera becomes a deterrent.

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All this from the palm of your hand through your mobile or tablet device. You can access the Get Smart Home App whether you are at home or when you are away from home. Wherever you are, you will have full control over your home automation.
As a builder, you appreciate the increased value you can provide for your customers by offering Smart Home Automation as part of the package for their new home build. It is a great selling point for new homes to include this but you may be wondering how you can offer this to customers when it is not your area of expertise?

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Benefits of Intercoms/Smart Doorbells For Homes

Intercom systems can be hardwired into your home for added reliability. You can have touch screens in different living areas, and they can be connected to the front door and gateways of your home for added convenience. Intercoms are a great way to communicate, especially in a large home.

If you have security measures, such as intercoms, CCTV, and access control installed in your home some insurance providers will reward you with lower insurance premiums. The more security features your home has, the lower the premium for your insurance is likely to be.

Commercial Intercoms/Smart Doorbells

Whether you’re operating an office building, factory, apartment complex, retail store or health care facility, intercoms can be a highly valuable means of improving communication and increasing the security of the property.

Commercial clients find value in placing intercoms at primary doorways and gated entrances. They are also highly beneficial when situated across different sections of a commercial building to improve communication throughout different departments.

Get Smart Home offer a range of intercoms to our Melbourne based clients. You have the option to choose a system with a built in camera or for commercial properties requiring an intercom in a parking garage, the system can be audio only.

Benefits of Commercial Intercoms/Smart Doorbells

Intercom systems increases and strengthens the security of key access points to the property. They also create a safer environment for employees. By limiting the access to the building by unauthorised personnel, you’re protecting the safety of your workforce.

Entrances for large organisations can be high traffic areas. With deliveries, visitors and customers coming and going. Intercoms make managing this flow of traffic more efficient and effective.


Live the convenience of have intercoms at your entranceways, be that your gated entrances or front door. Get Smart Home’s provide the best in smart technology intercoms for homes and businesses across Melbourne. We service all of Melbourne, including Brighton, Bayside, Caulfield, Bentleigh, Moorabbin and Springvale. Get Smart Home offers intercom systems tailored to your needs.


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