Our security platform offers intelligent security solutions for both residential and commercial properties. Our in-depth knowledge of security products and services allows us to foster an efficient and convenient security solution that can suit all your needs.

Our Get Smart Home team can also integrate or retrofit our security products to your existing home or commercial security system. Now explore and secure your property in Melbourne with our range of highly functional security products.

Intercoms/Smart Video Doorbells

Intercoms/Smart Video Doorbellsare a safe and convenient security measure to answer or qualify your visitors standing outside your door or entrance. You can place Intercoms/Smart Video Doorbellsat doorways, gateways and also at different rooms or buildings within your property.

There are many benefits to installing an intercom service at your home or office.

You get to know your visitors before they even enter inside.

It can be a hindrance to burglars trying to break inside your property.

Intercoms/Smart Video Doorbellsoffer uninterrupted and effortless communication in large homes and an industrial or factory set up.

You can access your visitors remotely.

At Get Smart Home, we provide high-quality residential and commercial Intercoms/Smart Video Doorbellswith premium inbuilt CCTV cameras. Our modern intercom systems offer night vision, adjustable HD camera, recordingoptions and much more. Whether you want them hard-wired, wireless or voice-only systems, we can cater to all your needs.

AlarmSystems Melbourne

Alarm systems are one of the most effective ways of warning or deterring your intruders. You can significantly reduce the crime rate by installing our security alarm system inside your property. Our alarm system offers leading functionality with zoning features. With zoning, you can arm and disarm different parts of your home or office to your benefit. Additionally, you can access them anywhere from your smartphone or any smart device.

At Get Smart Home, we offer alarm systems with extensive coverage suitable for residential, industrial and commercial properties. We customise our security systems to provide the perfect alarm security solution that works for your needs. Most importantly, our professionals will make an effective installation of motion sensors and detectors by detecting all the potential and vulnerable spots.

CCTV CamerasSystems Melbourne

CCTV Cameras play a crucial role in safeguarding and assuring security almost in all public and private properties. The added benefit of CCTV cameras is you get video footage of any threatening incident. Their very presence is a hindrance to burglars and intruders.

Get Smart Home offers CCTV cameras with high-end technology that offers remote monitoring. So, you can monitor and protect your commercial or residential property even when you are away. Our high-resolution cameras are excellent for recording imagery even at nights. All our cameras come with storage and time-lapse recorders. We also offer easy data access with mobile and network viewing.

You may have concerns regarding the lighting or positioning of CCTV cameras, but don’t worry, our professionals havethem all covered for you! Our expert team will make a thorough and detailed assessment of your property to provide an effortless installation.

Smart Door Locks

Smart door locks are a trouble-free, intelligent, and safe security solution that gives you the ease of leaving your home or office safely. The best thing about our Smartdoor locks is you can access your doors from the remote. You will get instant notifications if someone tries to open your door or break-in. Now you don’t have to double-check whether you have locked your doors or not. You also have multiple unlocking options for additional reliability.

At Get Smart Home, our smart door locks offer a triple barrel locking system for enhanced safety and security. Additionally, when you incorporate smart doorbells, you can have visual access to your visitors or employees. In short, you have access to let people inside or outside your property from the push of a button.

Fog CannonAlarm System

og cannon machines are not just a deterrent but an instant security solution to protect your valuables from theft and damage. It is an innovative security solution that scares away your intruders in seconds. The thick fog released upon the activation of fog machines hinders the visibility of your intruders. Besides, the dense fog remains for several minutes, making it impossible for burglars to make any move. By integrating a security alarm system into your fog machines, you will have instant notifications and alerts.

At Get Smart Home, we offer high-end fog cannon machines that can suit all your commercial and residential needs. Our range of fog machines can fit any room size, offering effective fog discharge and coverage.

As we understand your security concerns, our Get Smart Home team can take care of all your security needs by providing bespoke security solutions.


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