Unlike traditional lock systems, these digital locks are highly sophisticated encrypted security solutions that protect you from intruders. Be it home, office or any commercial enterprise, smart Digi-locks is a deterrent to your intruders. Digi-locks also mean you do not have to worry about losing your keys or having duplicate keys made.

Get Smart Home’s elegant range of Digi-locksincorporates all the latest industry-leading technologies to offer you an expert security solution. Our range of Digi-locks are intelligent, as they let you know if there is any hacking or malicious activity happening. You will get instant notifications on your smart device. We can easily customise our digital lock systems to provide a reliable security solution that caters to your needs.

Smart Digi-Locks Melbourne

LED-lit number pad for better visibility.

Multiple unlocking mechanisms for easy access

Unlimited access to up to 500 fingerprints and 20 passwords.

Extended battery life with Emergency Power Supply Interface.

High-end designs with triple barrel locking system.

Interactive voice assistance prompts.

High functionality and robust mechanical designs

Smart Home Digi-Locks

Keyless access with home automation makes your life much easier. You can open and lock your doors for your kids, deliveries, or any reliable service that enters your home. You can also give access to your family membersor friends without worrying about losing your keys. By doing so, you have complete access to who is entering your home.

Now every time you leave your home, you do not have to panic over those troublesome doubts on your mind. Smart Digi-locks effortlesslylocks themselves as they close, improving the security of your home.

Commercial Smart Digi-Locks

When it comes to protecting your business, digital locks can provide a great deal of security. Digital locks are an intelligent way to restrict access in anycommercial building, including warehouses, factory, apartment building, and health care centres. As a business owner, you will have more control over all your facilities. Most importantly, you can protect your stocks, inventory, or anything crucial by providing selective authorised entry.

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