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If you are wondering about providing reliable security to you and your business, Fog Machine Security Solutions is all you need. Fog machines are an innovative solution to hinder an intruder from entering and damaging your property. It produces a thick fog that curbs the apparency of intruders, thus making them retreat.

When it comes to protecting your valuables, stock, and equipment, you have to look out for a clever security solution. Fog machines can chase out burglars and intruders in seconds and prevent them from robbing your property and inventory. You are actually cutting down the access to intruders from entering your factory, office or commercial space.

Get Smart Home offers a tailored approach to providing an advanced security system to your home or commercial property. We work along with you in providing the best security system and products to comply with your requirements.


Integrating an alarm system with a fog security system can further alert onlookers and cause intruders to flee. Our fog security system comes with an inbuilt alarm system.
Get Smart Home’s security fog system also makes it easier for you to integrate it with your existing alarm system.

We understand your security concerns and we provide a tailored solution to meet your unique requirements. Our expert team always make a thorough assessment of your property to position motion detectors. Our elegant range of fog machines fits on your ceilings, walls, or closet with ease. For your convenience, we also provide concealed installation for your home security system.

Benefits of Fog Security System

The fog security system is an excellent addition to your fully automated smart home or commercial building. It delivers thick fog at the right time, blocking anyone from committing a crime.

The two most important factors of an effective fog machine are the speed and density of fog ejection. Get Smart Home offers fog cannon machines that are not only fast but also produces dense fog. The fog remains for ample time, thus inhibiting the intruder from proceeding further. You can also install fog cannon machines in different rooms or locations to protect your commercial building from all angles. The fog is safe, so you don’t have to worry about your staff members in case of an emergency.

You can also integrate flashing lights with your fog home security system. By doing so, you can panic your intruders further. You can often get a lower insurance premium and can increase the value of your commercial property by installing Fog Machine alarm systems. Our Get Smart Home team will have a deep conversation with you to understand your needs to foster a solution.


Now you can enjoy your time away from your business without worrying about your assets in the office, factory, or commercial building. Get Smart Home’s extended modes of fog cannon security systems allow you to operate from any remote location. You can promptly call for action in case of a break in within your commercial property or office from wherever you are.

This feature of the fog commercial security alarm system gives you full access and control over your belongings, inventory and equipment even when you are away.

Get Smart Home can take care of your security needs by customising and providing state of the art security solutions. Commercial buildings like retail shops, hospitals, banks, factories, apartment complex and business centres require special attention to security systems. Get Smart Home can cater to all your commercial security needs.


We protect homes with Fog Cannon across Melbourne. This includes Brighton, Bayside, Caulfield, Bentleigh, Moorabbin, and Springvale. Wherever you are in Melbourne, let the team at Get Smart Home help keep your family safe with our home security camera installation.


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