Why Us

High End Home Management Systems & Solutions

GET SMART HOME streamlines the entire Home Automation & Security Process with encapsulation of complete scope of works – from the supply of Product Solutions, procurement of approved Sub-Contractors for smart home Installations and being the after-sales service provider.

Installation Flexibility

With requirement of minimal changes to existing Electrical Framework, GET SMART HOME ’s Automated Smart Home Management System Solutions offers the added installation flexibility in both Under Construction Homes and Retro-Fit of Existing Dwellings.

Intelligence App on your Devices

We arrange all the installation and technicians to come to your home and install your new way of living. This includes the installation of your GET SMART HOME intelligence app on your devices and connects you to your current homes smart systems. Do not have a current smart system in place, we will supply and arrange the installation of your entire Smart at home automations too.

Home Safety Technology

We can arrange technicians to install all automated aspects of your home like your Smart lighting, including smart switches, sockets and bulbs. Your entire homes safety technology, such as Smart smoke detectors as well as gas detectors and gas manipulators.

Best Technicians

We will then fit your new Smart household to integrate with you GET SMART HOME app and our Technicians will assimilate the app with all your devices.

Smart Security Features

We will supply and organise the Smart security features of your home too. This will include door locks, motion sensors, window and door sensors and HD Wi-Fi CCTV cameras. We can automate almost every aspect of your home. We will provide the necessary technology to create Smart blinds, curtains, ceiling speakers and even your infrared repeaters, arranging all the Technicians you need to have these installed in your home.

Services We Provide

Smart Lightning

Energy Saving

Smart Heating

Security Protection

Smart Installation

Step 1
Contact our Get Smart Home experts or visit our home automation showroom to find out more about our Get Smart Home products & we’ll guide you through the smart home App.
Step 2
Choose the features of your home you want to bring into the future. Whether it’s lighting, security, appliances and more. Customise and design your smart home.
Step 3
Your Get Smart Home Consultant will work with you to find a time that best suits you to finalise your Get Smart Home App and help you to arrange installation.



GET SMART HOME , in addition to being your Smart Home Solutions Partner, promises to elevate your home standards ambience with a line of products designed and manufactured with a zeal for beauty and luxury.

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GET SMART HOME will not only bring smart living to your lifestyle, but we will transform the sophistication and class of your home to elevated heights you have never seen before. A Smart Home expands the mood, character and quality of your home, enriching your life in the most luxurious of ways.

You love your home, you take pride in the luxuries it affords you, so, why not enhance that in a way that brings out the best in style and refinement? Streamline your world and have everything you love about your home at the touch of a button. This is powering and commanding your home like never before.

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Reliability and Stability


Programmed to work on a Proprietary Wireless Zigbee Communication, GET SMART HOME’s Automation and Management Solutions promise Fast/Reliable Communication and Stable Connectivity for smoother system operations.

After all, what is a home automation system worth if the system or the Smart App is not reliable? It then ceases to run as smoothly and effectively as you demand. Interruptions such as this can hinder your experience with your Smart lifestyle and living.

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GET SMART HOME strives to solve this common occurrence with other less reliable smart home automation Apps, by creating a system that is built on the principle of remaining reliable and stable to meet all the demands of your Smart lifestyle. Enjoy minimal interruptions as you indulge in your smart living.

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Have peace of mind knowing that protection for your system is guarded with a highly encrypted security service and Closed Ended Source Program, so your device privacy is safe and will not appear to anyone except your authorised nominated devices. 128-bit encryption protects your Door locks, which is the same as used with your bank transactions, so it is as secure as it comes.

We place a lot of power in the hands of our Smart Home automation, be that access to our security devices and our homes functions. When handing over that power, we all wish to ensure that we are putting it into safe hands.

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With GET SMART HOME’s App, you can rest assured that your data, functions of your home, and most importantly, your homes security and safety features are kept private, secure and encrypted with the same level as that of your bank transactions.

You love your home, you take pride in the luxuries it affords you, so, why not enhance that in a way that brings out the best in style and refinement? Streamline your world and have everything you love about your home at the touch of a button. This is powering and commanding your home like never before.

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Anti- Interference


GET SMART HOME ’s Automation Solutions have been designed with the focus of minimal interruption other Wireless Networks/ Devices within your home.

Smart home automation is an extraordinary addition to any home, but once there is interruptions and intrusions with or from other devices and networks, it can become tedious and tiring to deal with.

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Whether it’s operating from within your home or when you are accessing the GET SMART HOME app remotely, rest assured that interference will be minimal as we endeavour to create the most uninterrupted service possible for all our valued customers.

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Systems Approach


GET SMART HOME automation & management system adapts a 360°view of your Home Ecosystem – ranging from Lightning/Power to Safety/Security. Thus, allowing network establishment and systematic operation of up-to 120 compatible GET SMART HOME Smart Devices.

Get Smart Home’s Automation Systems offer an integrated and comprehensive solution for your entire Home. We can automate almost every aspect of your home: