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Control & Monitor Individual Devices From Your Phone

With the GET SMART HOME App you’ll receive an integrated lifestyle with the ability to automate up to 120 supported devices within your home. Whether it is controlling your lights, your entry ways, monitoring security or managing your safety devices, the GET SMART HOME App brings this all to life and securely in the palm of your hand.

Integrated Support for up-to120 Supported Devices

Real Time APP Feedback for device state

Set Device Operations Schedules

Single App Management for Entire Home Ecosystem

Your Lifestyle. The Smart Way

Imagine living in a futuristic life of luxury, where you can automate not only your home, but the life you live. Live with style and sophistication by setting mood lighting, commanding times when switches turn off and receiving notifications to alert you to safety issues such as intruder alerts or entrance lock breaches. You can live in this world with GET SMART HOME’s specialised App.

Include any device within scenes

Appliance Switching using power socket

Include curtains within scenes

Set scenes to perform a set of opertaions

Smart home APP Melbourne

You have always loved your home. Now connect with it.

At GET SMART HOME we understand the genuine love and fondness you have for your home. It is your heart and soul and where your most precious memories are made. Wouldn’t you love to be connected to that space in ways you’ve never known before? Live the life you have dreamed of and stay connected to the home you adore.

Bundle Your devices and Make/ Run your own Scenes

Set device operations schedules

Make/ Run your own “If this…then that scenarios”

Smart home APP Melbourne

Integrated Security

Get Smart Home Security Solutions offers Comprehensive Safety for enhanced peace of mind.
Whether it’s receiving alerts that your security devices, such as break ins, have been activated when you are away from home or alerts to let you know when a window has been broken or an entry has been compromised, the GET SMART HOME App allows you to do all this and more. It’s secure and safe living like you have never known.

Door/PIR Sensor

Door/PIR Sensor

  • Check Real Time Switch state
  • Schedule Automations upon Triggering
  • Live Battery Indicator Levels



  • Tilt/ Rotate Control from Home Automation App
  • Remote Audio Feedback

Door Locks

Door Locks

  • Generate Remote Unlock OTP (One time Pin) for access
  • Real Time Notifications for all Door Unlock Instances


Real Time In Home Automation App Notification


Real Time Battery Status Show


Distinguish Right Operation Management