Are Video Intercom Systems the Way of the Future?

Today we are in a world where security is at stake. But with smart and secure technological innovations, we find ways to live in a safe and secure environment. Be it your home or workplace, your safety comes first before anything. Video intercom systems provide the best security for your home and business.

What Is a Video Intercom System?

A video intercom systems in Melbourne are a two-way audio-visual communication system. It has an outdoor panel with a micro camera attached to it, an indoor monitor and can be installed at your door or gateway. In simple words, a video intercom system lets you communicate with your visitors, standing at your door without opening your doors. You can verify your visitors by seeing and talking to them. Most modern video intercom systems give you the privilege to monitor and communicate with your visitors remotely.

Benefits of Video Intercom System

Installing a video intercom system at your home or business centre can be beneficial, in more ways than one. Although designed to provide safety and security, there are other benefits of having them installed.

Authorise Your Guests

Now you can know the identity of your visitors waiting at your door. When they ring your doorbell, you will see them from your monitor or any smart device connected to the system. How safe and convenient it is now! You can see and verify if they are someone you know or not, invited or uninvited. This ensures the overall safety of your family. Also, you don’t have to run to the doors to open it when the doorbell rings, as you can simply let your smart devices do the job for you. It’s a safe and reliable system, especially in an office set up. It becomes overwhelmingly time-consuming to attend to every visitor when you can answer the door at your safety and comfort with a video intercom system.

Deter Intruders

Video intercom systems can deter intruders or criminals from trying to break in. Their existence scares them from the potential risk of revealing their identity. They think twice before trying to commit burglary or any malice activity. So, these systems can prevent a lot of crimes from happening around your property or office. If you are running a business, you can be assured that your vital documents or products are safe and protected. Video intercom systems with CCTV cameras and alarm system will enhance your safety and security.

Fast Communication

Installing video intercom systems at your office or home improves the quality of communication. It can be valuable for elderly people to communicate with visitors outside their home. Installing them systematically at locations inside your home helps you get instant access to the particular room or area. It can be of tremendous help in the office and it greatly improves inter-office communication. You can also install them strategically across different buildings to make announcements and access them through your smart app.

Smart Door Lock Integration

One of the best advantages of having a video intercom system is having access to your home even when you are away from your home. This becomes increasingly true when integrated with smart automated door locks. Unlike traditional keys, electronic door locks are highly convenient. They are also reliable and secure. You can unlock your door using your smart app from anywhere you are. For instance, you can let your kids inside after school, and you can also give access to your family and friends. If you own a business, you can permit selective access to your employees, and you can also monitor your office remotely.

Video intercom systems are highly reliable and affordable. It can be the best investment for your safety and security. Video intercom systems can also be easily integrated with the already existing CCTV camera systems at your home or office. Learn more about installing a high-tech video intercom system, home security alarm system and home security camera system at Get Smart Home. Visit our showroom or call us today.