Automating an Existing Home – It’s Easier Thank You Think

Many people associate smart home technology with new homes, and while installation in a new build is easy to attain, it is possible to install the same smart home automation in your existing home. Get Smart Home can achieve this in any home, no matter its age.

Minimal Disruption

With use of Get Smart Home’s Intelligent and Building-Friendly Systems Approach, there is minimal disruption to your existing home and we are able to achieve home automation without the expensive overlay of installing additional data cabling. This means cost savings for you, the customer, and minimal disruption to your household and daily life while your existing home is transformed into a Smart Home.

Existing Technologies

There is no need to update your television, electrical system or current heating and cooling system. We will adapt the smart technology to fit with what you already have in your home. That means no expensive replacements of your existing system and no invasive changes to your electrical wiring. We add in the smart socket, which allows you to have complete control over your home’s eco system power use and reduction of phantom power while not in use.

What We Supply

Almost everything you will need to transform your home automation system is available rom Get Smart Home. We supply the intelligent App, which will get your home connected, and everything you need from High Resolution HD CCTV cameras, Smart light bulbs, Smart light switches, Smart motion, door and window sensors, Smart Biometrics and Digi-Lock for your Homes and much more! Our intelligence is also compatible with leading brands for items such as curtain and window motor and rails. It is that easy to transport any existing home into a futuristic Smart Home!

Get Smart Home

Do not miss this luxury lifestyle of Home Automation, as this is achievable in any home, new or existing. Contact Get Smart Home today to see how we can change the way you live forever.