Create High-Tech Futuristic Living In Your Home.

Get Smart Home creates a futuristic world for all Melbourne homeowners to live in every day through our home automation services. So, what can this high-tech living bring to you and your life?

Security System

Imagine living in a world where you had motion sensors and CCTV cameras all in the palm of your smart phone hand? With a home automation system you get all this and more – even a broken window doesn’t go unnoticed by our intelligent system!

Safety Management

Warnings for gas leaks, remote security and sensors, broken window notification and even alerts when your smoke alarms go off are all now a reality when it comes to home automation from Get Smart Home. Technology is changing the way we look at keeping our homes secure!

Secure your Information

Giving a system the high-tech power over your home and safety can seem scary, but not with Get Smart Home services! Our home automation system comes with a secure 128-bit encryption which is the same level of security you’ll find on your internet bank transactions.

Lock & Close Doors

Never worry about an accidently left open or unlocked door again! The Get Smart Home system can alert you to both and even lock and close them. That’s high-tech living like never before!

Turn Out the Lights

With our technology, you’ll never enter a hazardous dark room again – with automated lighting! You can even set your lights to turn off and on so it looks like you’re home when you’re away, dim the lights for a movie night at the touch of a button and even turn the lights on remotely when you see intruders. Your safety, lifestyle and security is changing!

Get Smart Home Systems

At Get Smart Homes, we offer all this and more with our home automations systems. Call us now to discuss the GSH Smart Hub for homes and the GSH Smart Mini-Hub for apartments and smaller living. Call us today for the latest in futuristic living!