Why Home Buyers Demand for Smart Automated Homes Is On The Rise!

There is a definite indication that the demand for Smart Homes and Home Automation is rapidly on the rise. The Internet of Things is catching on, and homebuyers are demanding these features in the new homes and existing homes that they buy.

Millennials Are the Biggest Demanders

The younger generation of Millennials entering the housing market drive the biggest amount of demand for home automation, with a recent study in the USA showing that a staggering 86% of these buyers wanted a Smart Home as part of their home buying wish list. It is not just the millennial generation raising the demand for smart homes; the baby boomer generation is also interested in this technology within their homes with 64% rating this as a desire.

Importance to the Real Estate Market

These groups also said that they are willing to pay more in a home or rental property in order to get this technology. This is something sellers, real estate agents, builders and property owners need to realise and start take action accordingly. When the demand is there, the real estate market needs to deliver on this.

The Future of These Trends

According to research performed by the Zion Market Research department, the “smart home market was valued at USD $24.10 billion in 2016” and is “expected to reach approximately $53.45 billion USD” by the year 2022. Both buyers and sellers, not to mention real estate agents and builders, need to be considering this. This is important now and will become even more important in the future.

Whom to Turn To?

Get Smart Home Automation offers an advanced intelligent App that can get your home connected with the technology that the market is demanding. We also supply and arrange the installation of Smart thermostat Control, Smart Switches and Smart Power Sockets to provide control over Electronics and Lighting, and all the Smart security and safety features that are valued so highly by today’s modern homebuyer.