Home Automation: How We Protect Your Data

Get Smart Home offered the high tech safety features to ensure your home automation is protected and your data is secured. When you transform your home into a technology driven Smart Home, you are handing over a lot of power to that technology. With this comes risks to security violations that can put the whole system at risk, including the security and safety features you are automating.

Customer Data Safety

A sophisticated Controller Hub protects your customer data, which is the basis of our entire data security system. This is a Close Ended Source Program (CESP) which is the centre of the Controller Hub that secures shut all customer data. All communication is controlled and executed through the Controller Hub which protects from vulnerabilities of open ended smart device communications

Unique Code Identification Process

The QR code, or Unique Code Identification Process, means that unique codes are allocated to all devices upon configuration. This unique Identification safeguard protects your Device Control and stops the access to your Get Smart Home App by unauthorised users. As each device has a unique QR Code, it means it can’t be reassigned or be available to be allocated to someone else.

No Visibility to Unauthorised Devices

Ever gone to access your Wi-Fi at home or on mobile and noticed that all nearby accounts appear visible on your device? With the Get Smart Home closed ended Systems integration, device visibility is restricted to the assigned accounts and no other Wifi or Smart Home Systems can access or interfere with device operations

Want This Protection?

When you create a smart home, you give a great deal of power to the App that drives it. Compromised system can allow an unauthorised user the ability to control your Smart Home Devices With Get Smart Home you get an encrypted security system helps safeguard you against unwarranted access to your system.