Key terms you need to know before Automating your Home

The world of home automation can seem like a bizarre and confusing place and getting your head around it can be quite overwhelming at first. There are a few key terms for you to know that will ensure you’re well on your way to understanding the exciting world of smart home living.


You may hear us use the term “encryption” when we talk about the high level of security that comes with our Get Smart Home system and devices but what does that mean? Encryption is when data or information is rearranged into codes to protect it from anyone being able to access it. Changing your data into a code means it becomes too difficult for the code to be unjumbled so hackers can’t access your personal data and your Get Smart Home system.

Smart Socket

Get Smart Home offer Smart Sockets but you may be wondering exactly what that means. A smart socket replaces your existing power outlets and it allows you to remotely control the connected appliances from your Get Smart Home App. Our home automation experts can offer you a great range of smart sockets that fit seamlessly in your existing walls and avoid the plug clutter that usually accompanies other alternate solutions for remote power control.

Smart Door Lock

If you’ve heard about the functionality Get Smart Home can offer you with a smart door lock, you’re probably thinking that it sounds perfect to keep your family safe and secure. A smart door lock is an electromechanical lock that can lock and unlock your front door through an OTP connection to your Get Smart Home App. This allows you to control your door lock through your phone or tablet.

Home Automation Specialists

Now you understand the ins and outs of home automation, it’s time to contact Get Smart Home to arrange a consultation with one of our home automation experts. We offer home automation services throughout Melbourne. Call us today!