Relax on Holiday with Home Protection

Going away on holiday can be an incredible experience. Yet, we all have that nagging feeling worrying about the family home in our absence. Imagine having the ability to oversee your family home I the palm of your hand whilst away? That’s a reality now, with the Get Smart Home App.

Monitor Security

One of the biggest concerns for our home that plays on our minds when we’re holidaying is the security of our home. What if there’s a prowler walking around your yard? What if someone tries to break into your home? With a Get Smart Home system you can monitor your CCTV cameras from your phone, wherever you have access to the internet.

Pseudo presence

Have the peace of mind knowing that your Home Control is in your hands wherever you go. Make Pseudo Presence felt while you are away with automatic setup of scenes to assist in disguising absence. Operate your TV/AV Media through your APP while you are away to create a presence impression and avoid the blinkers of home absence.

Windows & Doors.

Your doors and windows are the most common places for a burglar to try to gain access to your home. With Get Smart Home’s App you’ll receive alerts to advise you if there is a breached window or if a door or lock has been opened. You’ll know as soon as this occurs and can take the appropriate action of contacting the police.

Create Your Smart Home

Get Smart Home Security Solutions offers Comprehensive Safety for enhanced peace of mind.

Contact Get Smart Home to improve your peace of mind when you’re holidaying away from home. As long as you have your device connected to the internet, you should be able to access the App and monitor these security and hazards threats that could occur in your home.