Tech-Savvy Millennial Home Buyers

The generation of Millennials have rapidly increased in numbers and now make up the largest generation by population. With the age of Millennials ranging from 21 years to 36 years, they are now a big slice of the home buying pie. These tech-savvy homebuyers are demanding Smart homes more than any buyers before them were.

Why It’s Important

This generation have grown up with technology and, therefore, they are looking for the same in the homes they want to buy. That means Smart home Automation is more important than ever. This homebuyer wants to be connected to their home to make their lives easier and enjoy the comforts that they have grown to expect as standard in a home.

What They Want

These homebuyers are demanding Smart Locks for gaining entry to their home, the ability to secure their homes and monitor surveillance, control over their entertainment systems and connections to make eco-friendly choices with their lighting systems. If you want to provide what these buyers are demanding, then you need to have these features in your home.

Sellers Take Note

Millennials are willing to spend more money on a home that is fitted with Smart technology. This is important for sellers who are currently looking to sell their home, because fitting out your home with Smart home Automation, like that offered by Get Smart Home, could see a great profit on the resale value of your home.

How to Get It

Even if you are not currently selling, but may do so in the future, then getting your home Smart home ready now will impress this generations of buyers in the end, especially as they age. Contact Get Smart Home to get started on creating a Smart Home that will entice buyers now, and in the future.